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Respect is key to have good collaboration and thereby achieve the best results. We take responsibility and target the solution in cooperation with the customer. Therefore it is important that the collaboration is based on open dialogue and mutual respect.

A Testware employee behave properly both internally and externally because we know there are a lot of diversity between the people we talk to every day.


Good relationships are built on trust and therefore we treasure trust as a key value.

You may say we are old-fashioned, but we believe in honesty and trustworthiness.

It is important for us that if we make a promise to a customer, we intend to keep this promise and we take on the responsibility of keeping the customer’s system alive.


We work very committed to achieve the results needed for the customers. We always strive to find the best solution and use the best methodologies and we are not afraid of exploring new technologies and methodologies.

We are also passionate about working efficiently, and therefore we have adopted “fail fast can be a success”: The sooner we find we are going the wrong way the better.

Even though we work very hard and ambitious we find that the humor can be a trigger for good relations. That is why we are also passionate about having fun.


To give you the best test we strive to be the best in our field of expertise.

We continuously improve our knowledge and adopt new methodologies.

Research is a natural part of our day.

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