Runtime Engine

Automation SDK Core Runtime Engine for Executing Automation Tests


The RunTime Engine is responsible for executing the NUnit Selenium driven tests. The Runtime Engine consists of elements like an application controller and web control definitions and constitutes the core functionality ensuring that produced automation API and test scripts coherent. The generated Nunit XML based test results will be used as input in the sub-sequential process of generating a Test Report.



Following snippet shows an example of a generated Nunit XML based test result...

<test-suite name="AddNewEventTests" result="Passed">
    <property name="Category" value="Rojabo"/>
    <property name="Category" value="BusinessTests"/>
    <property name="TestCaseID" value="TID0001"/>
    <property name="Description" value="As a user I want to add a new event test..."/>
  <test-case name="AddNewEventTests_Expected_Successfully_Validation" />