Object Repository Editor

GUI Based Editor for Maintaining an Object Repository


The Object Repository Editor is responsible for editing the contents the XML based Object Repository. The GUI based Object Repository Editor will assist the user in adding new and editing existing page objects and webcontrol definitions. The Object Repository may be used in a stand-alone process for creating an Object Repository but is primarily aimed for fine-tuning the Object Repository generated by the Website Explorer.



Following snippet shows an example of an XML based Object Repository...

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Repository xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">
  <Project projectName="Rojabo">
      <Menu class="TopMenuPage" baseClass="BaseMenuPage">
          <Method name="Home" path="Home" class="HomePage" location="/tests" />
          <Method name="Products" path="Products" class="ProductsPage" location="/products" />
          <Method name="Services" path="Services" class="ServicesPage" location="/services" />
          <Method name="About" path="About" class="AboutPage" location="/about" />
      <Page class="AboutPage">
          <Control type="WebTextBox" name="Name" locator="By.Id(&quot;name&quot;)" />
          <Control type="WebTextBox" name="Company" locator="By.Id(&quot;company&quot;)" />
          <Control type="WebTextBox" name="Email" locator="By.Id(&quot;email&quot;)" />
          <Control type="WebComboBox" name="Type" locator="By.Id(&quot;type&quot;)" />
          <Control type="WebTextBox" name="Comment" locator="By.Id(&quot;comment&quot;)" />
          <Control type="WebButton" name="Send" locator="By.Id(&quot;submit&quot;)" />