Script Builder

GUI Based Editor for Creating Business Test Scripts Smooth & Easily


The Script Builder is responsible for creating test scripts as source code files representing Business tests for an Application Under Test. The GUI based Script Builder will assist the user in defining script name, description, category, steps, variables and asserts by using the Automation API methods.



Following picture and snippet shows the Script Builder and an example of a generated Business test script. The test script may sub-sequential be modified maunally by the developer to meet the final requirements...


using NUnit.Framework;
using Rojabo.Web.API;

namespace Rojabo.Web.API.Tests
    [Property("TestCaseID", "TID0001")]
    [Description("As a user I want to add a new event test")]
    public class AddNewEventTests : BaseTestFixture
        private RojaboUserModel userModel = RojaboUserModelFactory.Default();

        private string eventName5;

        protected override void OneTimeSetup()
            LoginPage loginPage = new LoginPage(Controller.Driver);
            var basePage = loginPage.Login(userModel.LoginId, userModel.Password);

            var frontPage1 = basePage.GetMainMenuPage()
            .SetEventName("My New Event");

            eventName5 = frontPage1.GetEventName();

        public void AddNewEventTests_Expected_Successfully_Validation1()
            Assert.That(eventName5, Is.EqualTo("My New Event"),
                "Variable was expected to be equal data...");